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We offer the following vehicles on our fleet:

What is the difference between a Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle in Southampton?

Hackney Carriages

Southampton Hackney Carriages are white in colour and display a large roof sign with the words ‘CITY OF SOUTHAMPTON’ in large letters with the word “TAXI” below and Licensed by Southampton City Council on either side with the city logo.

Hackney Carriages can only charge up to the metered rate set by the Council for journeys within the City Boundary. The Tariffs will be displayed in each vehicle and a taximeter will calculate the fare. Hackney Carriages can be flagged down for a booking or they are ranked up at areas around the city. Radio taxis does not charge out of Boundary charges on ANY booking made through its office for longer journeys outside of the City Boundary. Always ask for a quote if your journey takes you outside of Southampton.

Private Hire Vehicles

They cannot be flagged down or hired on the street. Only bookings made through the Operators Office are fully insured.

You can book by app, online or phone. A Private Hire vehicle can be any colour.  Our private hire vehicles have their taximeters set to the same fare structure as the Hackney Carriages. Some other Private Hire Companies may run their own fare structure but this is not always cheaper.



Book something a little bit more special…

We have a wide range of Executive or Limousine vehicles to suit any special occasion. 

All our executive drivers are experienced and trained to the highest standards.

Our executive vehicles come with free WiFi and mobile phone chargers.