The largest taxi & private hire company in Southampton.

Established in 1972

The largest taxi & private hire company in Southampton.

Established in 1972


Radio Taxis (Southampton) Ltd was originally the idea of 12 Southampton Hackney Carriage owners who decided to try and improve the level of service in the town of Southampton back in 1972. After a short time many other taxi owners became interested in the idea and an association was formed called Radio Taxis. The association was formed with a total number of 29 Southampton Licensed Taxis.

The association operated successfully for twelve years building a good reputation for our quality of service. Therefore because of its success the association was then dissolved and the company of Radio Taxis (Southampton) Limited was registered in November 1984.

The limited company is currently owned by 39 shareholders and along with a large number of contracted self-employed owner drivers. The current fleet consists of 36 Hackney Carriage and 364 Private Hire Vehicles making a total of 400 vehicles. This allows Radio Taxis to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Radio Taxis (Southampton) Limited will always be committed to improving the standard of Taxi and Private Hire Services in the area of Southampton. The Company believes that these standards can be extended to all outlying areas and intends to initiate a network of companies to give all our customers a smooth and high standard of operational service no matter where they travel in the country.

It’s the Company’s intention to improve the security and standard of work for all owners and drivers of Taxis or Private Hire vehicles associated with the Company. These two basic goals will be to the benefit of everyone.

The Company will continue to develop new technology and systems and provide new innovation to our drivers and customers.

We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint and provide a 50% Eco friendly fleet by 2020 to help cleaner air for city of Southampton residents.These will be made up of hybrid and full electric vehicles.

We’re always trying to give something back to a community that we’re privileged to be a part of. That’s why we started our initiative Radio Community Fund. We select a number of local charities, projects, and groups in Southampton to help work with each year. 

We are a forward thinking taxi company who like to take the lead.
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